About SoraID

Sora ID is an identity verification and data vault platform, enabling reusable and instant KYC for previously verified users. Sora also helps reduce false KYC flags and fraud with broader and more accurate data (e.g., major PII databases, carrier, bank acct, and payroll data), real-time document verification, and more granular verification check results.

SoraID and Unit21

By integrating Sora ID, customers can enrich their Unit21 dashboard with identity data to better detect and review suspicious activity. They can easily choose from hundreds of verification checks and a wide range of data sources to enrich their Unit21 Entities and Alerts with granular verification details (instead of opaque scores) so they can make better decisions at a glance. Advanced identity signals can also be included in transaction monitoring rulesets and ML models to intelligently reduce fraud and false positives (e.g. specifying different rules if the identity is suspected to be synthetic or stolen).


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