About Bates Group

Bates Group is a leading financial services consulting firm, providing end-to-end solutions on compliance and legal matters. Our MSB and FinTech Team offers customized solutions to meet your compliance, licensing, training, and banking needs. From traditional banks to crypto startups, our experienced professionals can guide you through your regulatory challenges.

Bates Group and Unit21

As a leading partner of Unit21, Bates Group enhances your experience by providing complementary services such as:
Outsourced Compliance Support, Outsourced CCO, AML Independent Reviews, Consumer Protection Reviews, Risk Assessments, Policy and Procedure Development, AML Program Development, Compliance Training, Recruiting, Bank Account Facilitation, State License Acquisition and Maintenance, Compliance Vendor Implementation, NY504 Reviews and Model Validation, US Business Formation, FinCEN/FINTRAC Registration


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