2. Mapping your Data Sources with Unit21 Data Sources

As a best practice, please complete this [Data Schema template](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E7jGDocBakDwjV-J_bJEHoMG9s0Y-0J8m9F9odmocn4/edit#gid=168068576) with data field names from your database on the “Customer System/Field” column and share it with your Unit21 Implementation Manager.


The purpose for this exercise is for our Implementation Team to understand what data fields from your sources are being sent to Unit21. In addition, it will aid us in ongoing conversations as we work to finalize your data pipeline as well as to troubleshoot data issues in the near future.

We will schedule follow up sessions to discuss the mapping with you in greater detail. The goal is to finalize the data mapping so that your business (and engineer) team can:
1. Understand 100% what data will be sent and stored in Unit21
2. Visually access the data on Unit21 dashboard
3. Know the available data points for rules building (see [rules building video](https://app.gong.io/call?id=5297818228720638355))

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