Quick Overview:


Entities are individuals or businesses that engage in *transactions* with your organization.

Entities can be:

  • Name: Sarah Smith
  • User ID: 9547-sngfB
  • Business Name: JHK Corp
  • An ID automatically created by your company: ja-945Jgd92N

Transactions occur between two entities:

  • Sarah Smith sent Paul Smith 5 ETH
  • $25,000 USD routed from Bank Routing # 072403473 to Bank Routing # 041215016
  • Sarah Smith deposited $5,000 USD to SVB Bank
  • User jarmin04 exchanged 1 BTC with user smith29

Suspicious transactions create alerts wherein entities can be investigated for fraud.

In the Dashboard:

To access information about an entity, go to the Data Explorer page and select the Entities tab:


You can use the search filter to find the entity of your choice by name or ID.

To view additional information about the entity, select it from the search results. A pane in the left side of the window will open up where you can select Go to Detail Page >.

A new page will load with the entity’s summary information:

  • Basic information
  • Related transactions
  • Transaction history and details
  • Action items (workflows, comments and tags)

The page contains tabs with additional information:

  • Risk - risk score
  • Media - attachments added by agents
  • Instruments - related instruments
  • Verifications - KYC results
  • Rule Silencing - Rules where entity should be ignored
  • Custom Profile - Additional information
  • Network Analysis - Graphical relation to other entities
  • Activity Analysis - Graph of activity
  • Link Analysis - List of relation to phones, addresses, IPs, and instruments

Data Structure

These are some of the fields that describe an *entity* in the Unit21 system:

Field Description Example
entity_id The unique identifier for an entity, as defined in your system Corp-356-agh
entity_type The type of user in your system. Must be either user or business USER
entity_subtype Extra information about how your organization classifies the entity contractor
status Status of the object on your system active
Full name of the entity John Matt Smith
day_of_birth month_of_birth year_of_birth DOB of the entity 23 12 1990
gender Gender of the entity male
SSN Social security number of the entity 123-45-6789
business_name The registered name of the business Acme
corporate_tax_id The TIN/EIN of the business 11-222-3333
email_address The entity email address jsmith47@company.com
phone_number The entity phone number +14159627132
address The entity address 66 California Ave, San Francisco, CA 95103, USA
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