How to create Alert Queue Thresholds

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Detailed Overview:

Alert queue thresholds are a simple color code that show the health of an alert queue. If there are too many alerts in a queue that need to be worked on, the color will be red. If the queue is healthy and agents are working alerts diligently, the color is green. The number of alerts that determine the color are programmable:


  1. Head over to Workflows.
  2. Open the Queues tab:


Here you will see a list of all the alert queues that currently exist.

  1. Select the ... menu to edit a queue:


  1. Edit the Alert count threshold section:


If a queue has fewer alerts than the minimum, it will appear in YELLOW.
If a queue has a number of alerts between the minimum and maximum, it will appear in ORANGE.
If a queue has more alerts than the maximum, it will appear in RED.


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