How to create an Alert Checklist

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Each organization can have their own custom sections, fields, and validations in an alert checklist. There are also conditional fields that can be triggered via a checkbox.

To create a custom alert checklist:

  1. Head over to Workflows > Investigation Checklists > Alert Investigation Checklists:


  1. Click + Create investigation Checklist:


  1. Name and describe the checklist, then click Submit:


  1. At the very least, you will need to create 1 group by clicking + Create a group:


You will need to provide a group name and then decide on the validation scheme:

  • All
  • Any - At least one item is required
  • Required - All items are required

You can also provide an error message for your users.


  1. Click Create when you are done.


  1. Now you must add items to the group, click + Add an item to this group:


You will need to provide a label and item type:

  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox with text
  • Short text input
  • Long text input
  • Single select dropdown
  • Multi-select dropdown
  • Date range


  1. Once you have created all the groups and item needed on your checklist, click Publish:


You cannot edit a custom checklist once it is published.

If you want to edit a checklist, you must create a new one. A checklist cannot be deleted, it can only be ARCHIVED permanently.

  1. Finally, select the queue(s) you want the checklist to appear on and click Publish again:


  1. Success:


  1. The update is reflected in the main screen:


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