How to investigate a Case

Quick Overview


Detailed Overview

As long as a case is open, you can update, edit, or delete any of its resources.

  1. From Cases click on the case you want to edit.
  2. Edit main Case details:


  1. Edit case resources:
  • To remove resources like Tags, Entities, Watchers, click the x by their name.
  • To add the resources, click the field and add the resources you want.


  1. Additional Tabs:
  • Write notes from the Notes tab
  • Upload documents from the Documents tab.
  • To go through your investigation workflow (a list of to-dos), use the Investigation Checklist tab:


  • To review the alerts related to this case, use the Alerts tab:


  • To review the entities related to this case, use the Entities tab.
  • To review the reports related to this case, use the Filings tab.


Any change you make updates the case automatically─you don’t need to save.
After you change an alert, the changes appear in the Audit Trail tab.

  1. Default tabs are customizable:


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