How to find an Alert

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Detailed Overview:

Since there can be thousands of alerts, you can use our filter system to refine your search for a specific alert.

  1. To access alerts, simply go to the Alerts page on your Dashboard:


  1. You can use the filter to find alerts by:
  • Tags - Alerts with specific tags
  • Rules - Alerts triggered by specific rules
  • Status - Alerts that are `OPEN` or `CLOSED`
  • Creation Date Range - When the alert was created
  • Minimum USD - The minimum amount the alert must involve
  • Maximum USD - The maximum amount the alert must involve
  • Disposition Date Range - When the alert was dispositioned
  • Entity ID - The related entity
  • Alert name - The name of the alert
  • Alert type - `TM`, `KYC`, `CAR`, `MANUAL`, `CHAINALYSIS`
  • Source - Alerts that are `INTERNAL` or `EXTERNAL`
  • Disposition
  • Subdisposition / Subdisposition options
  • Alert Queues - Alert queue the alert was assigned to
  • Alert Score - Severity of the alert


  1. You can also search for alerts using Custom Data. The custom data filter supports the following operators `In`, `Not In`, `Equal`, `Not Equals` so that you can fill in logic such as search for an alert where the transaction custom data is `location:US`:


Administrators that have access to the Admin tab have additional filters:

  • Agents - Specific agent working the alert
  • Teams - Specific team working the alert (as they relate to queues)


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