How to assign an Alert to an Agent

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When an alert is created it is typically triaged using alert queues and can then be assigned by any member of a team that can consume from that queue. That team member (aka agent), can use the Get More Alerts on the My Alerts tab of the Alerts page on the dashboard and select the queue to consume from.

If the agent or an admin needs to change the owner of the alert, there are several ways to do so.

Assign an Alert using the default Workflow button

In the upper right corner of the alert detail page, there is a default workflow button called Re-Assign. Please note that this button is not always available and depends on your administrator's settings:


Assign an Alert using a custom Workflow button

Custom workflow buttons are available in the right menu of the alert detail page. If your system administrator has created a button or buttons that include re-assignment of a alert, you can use them as such:


Assign an Alert from the Admin tab

If you have permissions to access the Admin tab of the Alerts page, you can select an alert in the table. A button called Re-assign will appear which you can use to re-assign one or multiple alerts:


This action can be done in bulk.

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